2014 Update

Looking to get a project started? Let's chat, I am currently accepting freelance, part-time, contract and full-time work!

Take some time to go through the site and tell me what you think. Hope you enjoy it and looking to start a new relationship with my visitors.

Angelo Manzano Jr

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Featured Site | GMA Redesign

ABC News approached me for a new redesign skin for one of Americas top rated morning shows Good Morning America. We went through plenty of ideas since they already had some pretty cool assets and new branding the show would soon receive.

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Hello. My name is Angelø Manzanø Jr, I'm a Sr Visual Designer with over 14 years experience ranging from print, online interactive media and brand identity.

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ESPN, CherryPal, Rhapsody, WWE, Warner Bro. Records, Readers Digest, Seagate, Sansa, Square-enix, EA Games, CNN, CSPAN, BuddyMedia, GAPReynolds), Gyro Worldwide...

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West Melbourne
Florida, 32904